Prayer Stand Review

All Prayer Stand Workers Need to Watch this Message on Prayer!

This message is the best way I know to challenge you to discover the power of prayer and it's importance at a Prayer Stand. It has been my privilege to offer evangelism training in churches across the country. I all my years of experience I have never been in any church with such a wonderful atmosphere of prayer as The Brooklyn Tabernacle. Nor have I ever been under preaching that has so consistently ministered grace and help to me and others. The years we were members and worked with the evangelism team are very precious to us. Thank God for our brothers and sisters there who understand that real ministry takes place when people seek God at the throne of Grace.

People often ask me about the church and share how they have been blessed by reading Pastor Jim Cymbala's books. The stories in Pastor Cymbala's books are very true to what it is like to be part of the church. The spirit of prayer and the emphasis of the church are not exaggerated in Jim's books. The church is filled with people who love God and know they must pray about everything. The whole church is built from top to bottom on prayer. Everything is bathed in prayer. And God is always moving in the lives of people there and drawing people to himself.

Jim Cymbala is a humble, godly man who has simply sought to let God be Lord of all. He constantly leads the people to pray. Nothing else is so important to him. Nothing else will ever draw God and man together.

Every Pastor and Christian worker should watch the video on this page. The emphasis of this message is the secret to a fruitful ministry inside the buildings we call churches and a fruitful ministry outside in your community with a Prayer Stand.

Never imagine the main thing in Prayer Stand ministry is sharing the gospel. No! Sharing the word is just one part. Prayer is where change takes place! Prayer is more important than you could ever realize! We only learn this by experience. Understanding the power of prayer happens when we continually come to the throne of God's grace, seeking Him and letting Him be in charge.

Watch the video. It's one of the most powerful messages I have ever seen. (Once you click on it be patient. It may take a little time to load.)

God bless, Tom Kiser