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Tony Miano

Tony Miano of Cross Encounters and Director of the Ambassadors' Alliance for Way of the Master 2007 - 2012

Tony Miano's Experience Using Prayer Stand

I purchased my Prayer Stand during the Summer of 2011. From the moment I took it out of the bag and used it for the first time, I was convinced it would forever be an essential piece in my evangelism arsenal.

The Prayer Stand is well-constructed with quality materials, and was obviously designed by an evangelist for evangelists. Set-up and take-down is extremely easy. The unit is very compact for its overall size, and easily fits in the trunk of my compact car.

I’ve used the Prayer Stand at community events, public parks, Hollywood Boulevard, Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, outside my local public library, at the North Hollywood Metro Station and, most recently, outside a local abortion clinic.

The Prayer Stand, in every environment in which I have used it, has been a remarkable ice-breaker. The fish literally jump into the boat, as evangelists like to say. People of every stripe willingly approach and initiate conversation. I have had many opportunities to not only pray for people, but to also share the gospel with them—opportunities that likely would not have presented themselves had I not had the Prayer Stand.

I highly recommend churches, evangelism teams, evangelists, and those ministering outside abortion clinics to purchase a Prayer Stand, today. I will not part with mine. -Tony Miano, Cross Encounters

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