Groundbreaking Setup

The Prayer Stand is a simple tool that makes it easy for Christians to share Christ with others.


I would love to take you on a Prayer Stand Outreach but obviously you are on your computer. I'll try to put into words what you might observe.


Watch as a Christian pulls his car into the parking lot and bows his head.


“God please use me. Help me overcome my fears. Help me touch someones life for you today.”


See him take his prayer stand out of his car and set it up. He feels a little awkward. He's never done anything like this. He's praying "God give me a divine appointment."


The response of the people around him vary. Imagine the thoughts that come to mind when they see the "Prayer" banner. . . . "What is this? Who is that man?" Some go in to shop. Others are drawn. A man gets out of his car, "Wow, that's what I need. . . that man looks nice . . . I am going to talk to him."


The stranger walks up and the Christian kindly asks “Do you have any needs you would like me to pray for?”


The friendliness of his question cuts to the heart of the person. God’s Spirit is drawing this man through the Christian's genuine concern. This is the divine appointment he was praying for.


The stranger opens up his heart and shares in detail what he is going through and the great needs in his life.


It's truly wonderful to see the Holy Spirit help the Christian share his faith like he has never done before. Now he prays a very heartfelt prayer with the man. By the time he finishes praying both men are weeping. He asks the man if he would like to tell God about his besetting sins.


The man in quiet desperation begins to name things to God in prayer. It is very evident that God is at work. The man knows he needs forgiveness and is openly seeking God.


Come close and listen in as the repentant sinner talks to God, confessing in his own simple words the great needs of his soul. He's asking Christ for deliverance from his bondage to sin and for the salvation that Jesus paid for on the cross.


Both men loose track of time. Something wonderful is taking place. The Holy Spirit has orchestrated this divine encounter and is breaking up the stony heart that was hardened by sin. The light of God is dispelling the lies of Satan.


Listen as the man shares the gospel of Jesus Christ. He’s no trained minister. Just a Christian who got tired of feeling like a failure when it came to sharing his faith. He has been asking God to help him overcome his fears and be the witness he needs to be.


He had done very little in the past to try to reach the lost. He heard about the Prayer Stand, read others testimonies about it and prayed. He made the decision to order a Prayer Stand and trust God to use him. AND GOD DID!


After some time in prayer you see two weeping people give each other a long hug and then exchange addresses and phone numbers. The new believer wants to be discipled.


It's a new beginning, a life changing experience for both of them. All heaven is rejoicing. A sinner has come to Christ and a Christian has responded to God's call to go into the world to share the Gospel and make disciples.


God's man obeyed God's call and found out that the fields are still "white and ready for harvest." God loves to use humble ordinary Christians.


My friend the Christian I just described . . . can be you.

Great places to set up a prayer stand