Groundbreaking Setup

We designed the Prayer Stand for outdoor use at all times of the year. Some seasons are more comfortable than others. Yet people around the country are going out into their communities every month because people respond.


Some have went out in the heat of summer and the cold of winter, set up in parking lots and had store owners tell them: “It is too miserable for you to be outside, set up inside my store.” It's heart warming to see how kind and accommodating people can be to this kind of outreach.


People need the gospel year round and if you dress right for the weather conditions you will be able to have an ongoing ministry every month of the year. The Prayer Stand can handle it. . . if you can.

Great places to set up a prayer stand
prayer stand

Great Time . . . while your wife is shopping!

Some wives enjoy shopping but their husbands hate wandering around the store. Let me share a special solution. Go with your wife to the store and when you arrive simply take out your Prayer Stand and share the Gospel while she does the shopping. Four great things happen:


1 God will give you some wonderful divine appointments.

2 Your wife will be happy you came along.

3 You will discover you have time to share the Gospel.

4 You won't have to shop.